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Defend Your Vehicle's Finish with Professional Paint Protection Film

Shield your car from chips, scratches, and harsh elements while enhancing its appearance with our top-of-the-line paint protection film.

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Why Choose Us

  • Premium Quality

    We are proud to partner with STEK, a leader in high-quality PPF, to offer one of the widest ranges of premium paint protection films on the market.

  • Custom Fit

    Every PPF installation is carefully tailored to fit your vehicle’s exact specifications.

  • Professional Installation

    Our in-house team of skilled installers ensures a flawless fit every time.

Our Paint Protection Film Packages

  • Half Frontal PPF

    Includes Half Bonnet, Half Fenders, Full Bumper, and Side Mirrors for targeted protection where it's needed most.

  • Full Frontal PPF

    Complete Bonnet, Full Fenders, Full Bumper, and Side Mirrors provide comprehensive protection for the entire front end.

  • Full Body PPF

    Completely shield your entire vehicle with full-body coverage for ultimate protection.

Benefits of paint protection film:

Our protective film offers comprehensive coverage to keep your vehicle looking its best. Prevent unsightly stone chips and road rash from damaging your paint, preserving its pristine look. Repel water and dirt effortlessly with the film's hydrophobic properties, and block harmful UV rays to prevent paint fading and discoloration. Additionally, safeguard your vehicle against scratches, swirls, and minor abrasions. The film also adds a beautiful, high-gloss finish that elevates your vehicle’s visual appeal.

How It Works

  • Consultation

    We assess your vehicle's needs and discuss the best PPF package for your specific requirements.

  • Preparation

    Each surface is meticulously cleaned to ensure optimal adhesion and a seamless finish.

  • Installation

    Our experienced technicians carefully apply the film using specialized tools and techniques for a perfect fit.

  • Quality Check

    A thorough inspection ensures flawless application before delivering your protected vehicle

Our Reviews


Can paint protection film be removed?

Yes, paint protection film can be safely removed without damaging the underlying paint. It is designed to peel off cleanly when it is no longer needed.

How much does paint protection film cost?

The cost of paint protection film can vary depending on the size of your vehicle and the extent of coverage you choose. Contact us for a personalized quote.

How do I maintain paint protection film?

Paint protection film requires minimal maintenance. Simply wash your vehicle regularly with a mild detergent and avoid using abrasive cleaners or materials.

Can paint protection film be applied over existing paint protection film?

Yes, paint protection film can be applied over existing film to provide additional protection or to replace old or damaged film.