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Restore Your Vehicle's Shine with Expert Paint & Body Reconditioning Services

From color restoration to dent and scratch removal, our professional team will make your vehicle look as good as new.

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Why Choose Us

  • Skilled Technicians

    Our team consists of seasoned experts who use industry-leading techniques to restore your vehicle

  • Premium Materials

    We use only high-quality paints and coatings to ensure a long-lasting finish.

  • State-of-the-Art Facility

    Equipped with advanced tools and spray booths for precise, dust-free finishes.

  • Guaranteed Workmanship

    Our commitment to excellence is backed by a warranty on all our services.

Our Services

  • Panel Beating

    Our expert panel beaters reshape and realign damaged panels to their original contours, ensuring a seamless appearance.

  • Dent & Scratch Removal

    We remove minor dents & scratches with non-invasive techniques, preserving your original paint and leaving your vehicle looking spotless.

  • Bumper Repairs

    We fix cracks, dents, and scuffs to restore the bumper's original shape and appearance.

  • Spray Painting

    Using computer-matched paints, our technicians blend color perfectly to give your vehicle a flawless finish, whether it’s a touch-up or a full respray.

  • Color Restoration

    Bring back the original vibrancy of your vehicle with our cutting-edge polishing techniques that remove oxidation, scratches, and swirls.

  • Full Body Respray

    Comprehensive respray services to refresh the entire body of your vehicle, ideal for extensive repairs or color changes.

How It Works

  • Assessment

    We thoroughly inspect your vehicle to assess damage and discuss the best reconditioning options with you.

  • Preparation

    Before beginning any work, we clean and prepare the area to be repaired to ensure optimal results.

  • Application

    Our team carefully applies color-matched paint or reconditions the affected area, ensuring a perfect finish.

  • Quality Check

    A rigorous final inspection ensures that every detail is flawless before
    delivering your rejuvenated vehicle.

Our Reviews


Can you repair rust damage on my vehicle?

Yes, we specialize in repairing rust damage on vehicles. Our technicians use advanced techniques to remove the rust and restore the affected areas to their original condition.

Can you match the paint color of my vehicle?

Yes, we use computerized color matching technology to ensure that the paint color we use matches the existing color of your vehicle perfectly.

How can I get an estimate for spray painting and panel beating?

To get an estimate for spray painting and panel beating, simply contact us or visit our workshop for a consultation. We will assess the damage to your vehicle and provide you with a detailed estimate.

Is panel beating the same as auto body repair?

Panel beating is a part of auto body repair, which involves repairing and restoring the body of a vehicle that has been damaged due to accidents or other incidents. Panel beating specifically refers to the repair of damaged body panels.